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My goal and passion are to help you find harmony between you and your bike for better performance without overuse issues. Learn more about me here.

Opening hours

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08:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 18:00


08:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 18:00


08:00 - 12:00


08:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 18:00


08:00 - 12:00 14:00 - 18:00


08:00 - 12:00 (1 bike)

Here is a summary overview of the next availabilities. I hope we will soon find a common slot.

In the morning: February 5th
In the afternoon: February 27th
Saturday morning: May 9th

Please note: if you need to get more than one bike fitted, I recommend to start at 8:00 a.m. Thanks for your understanding. 

Frequently asked pre-fit questions

What do I need for the fit?

  • Your (clean😜) bike(s) tires inflated properly. The fit is dynamic; the measurements (motion capture, saddle pressure measurement), and pedaling technique assessment are made while you pedal. Please note:
  • For triathlon and time trial bikes: the complete kit that came with the bike.
  • Your shoes. Cleats adjustment is important and part of the fit. Brand new cleats don’t give me any pieces of information so please, don’t mount new cleats before the fit. Of course, if they are worn out, I will replace them, but only after having seen the old ones (on your shoes!)
  • Your usual cycling outfit, preferably short. Measurements made with jeans would completely distort the results.
  • An outfit adapted to the weather. After the adjustments, a small outdoor test will be proposed (except for the Express-formula) to make the feeling come true.
  • Your competition helmet for triathlon or time trial. The helmet will also be necessary in case of a road test.
  • Medical reports or X-ray check-ups if you consult for pain or discomfort related to cycling.
  • You have the opportunity to take a shower after your session, so all you need for that purpose.
  • Time; the session lasts between two and four hours, depending on the chosen formula(s). And sometimes small adjustments might take more time than expected.

Do you give me recommendations for the purchase of the next bike after the fitting?

You may have already read the answer to this question in the section “other services”.

You get a list of bikes, corresponding to your position, following the bike-sizing, but not automatically following the bike-fitting. The final result of your bike fitting can direct you to a type of geometry and possibly some brands and models that can be taken into account. On request, model recommendations with the exact size and necessary components can be made in a second step: the “bike prescription”. It requires concentration, research, calculations, email exchanges, and some knowledge, so ….. time. I hope I can count on your understanding if this time is charged at 19 € per quarter of an hour.
The more precise your request, the less it will cost you.

  • The calculations are based on precise coordinates, not on evaluations. These are the coordinates measured at the end of your fitting.
  • I only use them for next bike calculations if you want to keep your final position resulting from your fitting.
  • If the last fitting is more than two years old, I recommend a bike-sizing.
  • Remember the limitations of fitting: the final position of the fitting is the one allowed by your bike and its components. Ideally, your bike should match perfectly your position. Unfortunately, very often, the opposite occurs: a position that could be better but that has to adapt to the bike and it’s components. That’s the reason why I recommend a bike sizing for the purchase of the next dream bike. That cost of such a session is ridiculous compared to the money you lose if you buy the wrong bike.

Do you adjust the cleats?

A bike fitting without checking the correct position of the cleats is inconceivable. It is an important element of the fit, both for an optimal force transfer and the prevention of problems upstream: knees, hips, … up to to the hands.  The adjustment of the cleats is, therefore, part of the fit,  but is also proposed in an isolated session. In this case, I prefer that you come with your bike so that I check in dynamics the accuracy of the settings and the need to proceed to other adaptations (varus, valgus, leg length discrepancy, pressure distribution, length of the pedals spindles, …)

Will I leave the session with my bike set?

Normally yes, if your frame is not way too small or too large. I stock components (stems, handlebars, aerobars, saddles, pedals, cleats,  …) to improve your position. I can mount them on the spot but if you don’t like the brands I use, I provide you with the pieces of information you need to make the changes yourself.

Will I get a report after the session?

Your bike and its setup are measured before and after the adjustments. A fit report will be sent to you by mail as well as the initial and final video sequences.
Your datas are always saved; if you lose them, feel free to contact me.

Which are the proposed payment methods?

For the Express formula: only cash
For all the other ones

  • Cash
  • Credit cards: Visa, Maestro, V Pay, Bancontact (no Amex or Mastercard)
  • Digicash

Ready for a fit?

Thanks for your trust. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Please take one or two minutes to provide me with some details that I need to prepare our session.

Adult or teenager?

Required service(s)? Note: the cleats adjustment is included in the fit (one pair per bike), not in the sizing

Bike type(s)?

You understand that time is reserved for you. Do you accept that 90 € per bike are charged if you cancel less than two working days in advance?

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