A triathlete is not a cyclist and triathlon bikes have in many cases become derivatives of time trial bikes due to strict UCI regulations. A triathlon bike should therefore not be a time trial bike with many adjustments made to the bike set up in order to accommodate a rider or his performance. But this is what’s happened until now and hence there has been little development in triathlon. “Accommodation” is unfortunately part of bike-fitting as many cyclists still go to the fitter after having purchased their bike, expecting a perfect position, despite maybe having purchased the wrong bike. This often presents a big challenge for the fitter and sometimes frustration for the cyclist. You got it; it should be done the other way round: a pre-fit (called on this site bike-sizing), should be planned prior to the bike purchase to make sure the cyclists will enjoy his rides with the bike that suits best to their needs.

As mentioned before, a triathlete is not a cyclist and needs a different bike. Some brands understand that difference and very recently began to distance themselves from the UCI rules. Big step forward! But still not big enough. After the bike-sizing, the triathlete might have the choice between several tri-bikes that, again, will have to be adapted (sometimes approximately) to his fit-coordinates. But at least, if the fitter did a good job, the triathlete can be sure to order the right frame size with the right components.

One brand dares to go one big step further: Kú Cycle. How big? They build a rider specific bike underneath each athlete based on the fitter’s prescription. They aim the perfect fit between body and machine. And what a machine: the Kú TF1.

What makes the Kú TF1 different from all the other triathlon bikes?

  • It is rider specific, built-to-order for just one athlete
  • It can only be purchased after a thorough pre-fit by Kú authorized fitters
  • It is fast, very fast
  • The paint scheme can be customized
  • Is has the smallest packing size. The front – fork and cockpit -. can easily be separated from the frame to fit in a travel case that can fly as a second suitcase

These are just a few points characterizing Kú Cycle and their TF1. I invite you to discover the revolution on their web site. Marvel and enjoy.


Are you convinced by the TF1?

You can now get in touch to set up an appointment for a dynamic bike-sizing, the first decisive step towards YOUR next tri bike. By following a specific protocol, together we will establish your optimal position. It is this which will serve as the basis for the construction of your TF1.