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Bike prescription: calculations/research of geometries and configurations for road, triathlon and time trial bikes

20 € / ¼ hour

Sidas Bike Custom custom footbed, isolated session, check of the cleats included

144 €
Sidas Bike Custom custom footbed, made during a fitting session 94 €
Custom saddle, Cro-Mo rail 349 €
Custom saddle, Titanium rail 399 €
Cleats adjustment, isolated dynamic session. With check on the trainer and on your bike. 50 €
Check/adjustment of an additional pair of cleats   10 €
Transfer of optimized bike fit coordinates to another bike of the same type (if possible) 50 €
Additional workshop service, not part of the fitting (if possible) 20 € / ¼ hour
Dynamic saddle tests (Selle Italia, Cobb, SQLab & gebioMized), with pressure measurement, isolated session 95 €
Dynamic saddle tests (Selle Italia, Cobb, SQLab & gebioMized), without pressure measurement, isolated session 70 €
Dynamic crank length test on a fit-bike, isolated session 70 €
Correction wedges of varus / valgus wedges (offered p.1 pair as part of the fitting), according to type: 2 € à 7 € / piece
Leg length shims (offered for 1 pair) 7 € / piece (MTB: 15 €)
Extra session at the request of the customer or because the state of the bike did not allow to end the session 75 € / hour
Consulting Profile Design aero bars, assembly, setting 60 € + aero bars
LAKE shoes  incl. heat molding (depending on the model) and cleats setting with dynamic control on the trainer click here