Bikefit®1° Cleat Wedges® 4 holes for Speedplay & Wahoo-Speedplay



Solves problems with alignment and common cycling pain (foot, knee, and back).
Relieves pressure or hot foot on the outside of feet.
Allows the foot to function naturally without being forced flat by the pedal.
Durable plastic to withstand harsh road conditions, debris, and dirt.
Increases foot stability leading to improved power transfer.
Flexible enough to conform to the stiff sole of a rounded cycling shoe.
Specially designed formula increases the strength of the plastic.

Tech Specs
  • Weight: .75g per wedge
  • 71mm x 53mm


  • Speedplay Walkable™ Cleat Wedges® work all Speedplay™ cleat systems as well as with the new Wahoo-Speedplay.

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