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CURREX Insoles are available in three different designs: the HIGH, MED, LOW profiles differ in particular in their height to adapt to the arch of the foot and in their strength.

The shape of your foot (hollow foot, flat foot…) and your legs determines which insole profile suits you best and thus helps you to optimize your movement individually.

Because not only the shape of your foot is decisive, but also the forces that act on it through your legs.

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When you put on your cycling shoe with your first BikePro®, your shoe finally fits like a glove.

Your foot now lies completely on the sole and receives perfect support during the entire kicking movement.

If you then really hit the boot before the sprint or on the mountain, you will feel the full potential of the BikePro®: Due to the pressure redistribution under the sole of the foot, you have the full power development on the pedal and due to the optimal fit, more power when pulling.

In addition, they improve your blood circulation and thus solve the widespread problem of numb toes and aching soles. A luxury you won’t want to do without after your first ride!

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