Express Teenager Road/MTB


Bike fitting is the art and science of adapting the cyclist’s bike and its components to the best possible position allowed by her/his equipment.

You can read about the difference between bike fitting and bike sizing on this page.


As the name suggests, the Express formula for cyclists who have little time. The tariff is therefore kept as low as possible, but without the individuality being neglected. The session should not take more than two hours for a mountain bike or a road bike without aerobars.

The concept is similar as for the Basic formula,  with some differences:

  • The functional tests are less detailed.
  • I will send her/him her/his report without the video files. In any case, I keep her/his datas.
  • An Outdoor test after the adjustments is only possible if the promised maximum duration can be respected.

If you decide to offer a postural optimization for orthopedic or neurological reasons, the Express formula may not be right for her/him. In this case, I recommend the Ortho formula.

The content of the Express formula:

  • Interview, review of her/his ambitions, practice, expectations, complaints, … these elements will be drivers of her/his session.
  • Observation her/his dynamic parameters as she/he pedals on the trainer.
  • Adjustment of the cleats.
  • Measurement of important angles and visualization of her/his posture via video analysis.
  • Analysis of the axes of her/his lower limbs.
  • Optimal adjustment of saddle height and tilt, saddle setback, handlebar reach and drop, handlebar rotation and position of shift/brake levers.
  • Comparison of video recordings before/after optimization.