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gebioMized Stride is the answer to the basic problems of triathletes and time trial riders – especially when it comes to the really long races – and of course training for them. Because the Stride was not only developed to minimize the unpopular “shifting”, i.e. the continuous sliding forward on the saddle and having to push oneself actively back again. Thanks to its special shape it also allows for two different riding positions with the same bike set-up. Especially long-distance triathletes know how valuable this feature can be. And because we know that different athletes perceive pressure differently Stride will be available in two densities: Stride N with neutral standard density and Stride S, the slightly softer version.



ANNE HAUG, Professional Triathlete

“The saddle helps me to keep my aero position longer. My pelvis is quite stable. This allows me to transfer all the power I invest to the pedal. That means both performance and comfort gains.”

Achievements: Ironman World Champion Hawaii 2019 | Bronze 70.3 World Championships 2018 | Winner Ironman Kopenhagen 2019 | German record: 8:31:32

Weapons of ChoicegebioMized Stride S (Triathlon) | gebioMized Area 145 Channel (Road)


DANIELA BLEYMEHL, Professional Triathlete

“After trying out the saddle in the lab I was amazed by its performance in the ‘real world’. I can’t imagine riding without it anymore. I really love it.”

Achievements: Winner Challenge Roth 2018 | Winner Ironman Italy 2018 | Winner Ironman Hamburg 2017

Weapons of Choice: gebioMized Stride N (Triathlon) | gebioMized Sleak 145 Channel (Road)



The ideal mix of large contact surface for more comfort and plenty of legroom for better aerodynamics.. The saddle is kept quite narrow in the middle, allowing the pelvis to rotate strongly forwards and at the same time reduces the unpopular saddle shifts. Even in an aerodynamically optimized position the athlete sits slightly further back, which results in a larger contact surface and greater comfort.


  • Shell: Composition of carbon and Nylon
  • Foam: High-end EVA foam, designed for long rides
  • Rails: Titanium rails with improved damping


  • Stride N + S: 245 x 130 mm


  • Stride N + S: approximately 260 g

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Stide N (Neutral), Stride S (Soft)


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