Ortho Teenager Road/MTB


Bike fitting is the art and science of adapting the cyclist’s bike and its components to the best possible position allowed by her/his equipment.

You can read about the difference between bike fitting and bike sizing on this page.


She/he is looking for comfort. The pressure measurements on the saddle can locate excessive pressure zones, help to identify their potential causes and, during the session, define the most comfortable position possible. In most cases, adjustments to her/his bike’s setup will reduce harmful pressure in the subpubic area, where nerves and blood vessels are located, and move the support to the area where it is less harmful: the bone structures.

Is she/he targeting better performance? The procedure is the same. A lack of comfort will be the cause of premature fatigue, at the same time as her/his performance will fall. Regardless of her/his practice,  morphology,  ambitions, … we will try to find the best mix of performance and comfort.

Prevention is for her/him a priority. She/he wants to avoid that her/his position on the bike is the cause of overload issues. The combination of video analysis and pressure measurement on the saddle are valuable aids.

If the reason why you decide to offer a postural optimization is orthopedic or neurological, that’s the formula I recommend.

The content of the Ortho formula:

  • Interview, review of her/his ambitions, practice, expectations, complaints, … these elements will be drivers of your session.
  • Assessment of her/his muscular and articular flexibility, possible asymmetries or specific muscular insufficiencies.
  • Observation of her/his dynamic characteristics as she/he pedals on the trainer.
  • Adjustment of the cleats.
  • Measurement of important angles and visualization of her/his posture via video analysis.
  • Analysis of the axes of her/his lower limbs.
  • Optimal adjustment of saddle height and tilt, saddle setback, handlebar reach and drop, handlebar rotation and position of shift/brake levers.
  • Visualization of the pressure measurements on the saddle.
  • Optimization of the saddle position.
  • Comparison of pressures and videos before/after optimization.
  • The possibility of ordering a custom saddle.
  • Tipps (Stretching, technique, stability, …).