Wahoo Speedplay Comp pedals



Product features

  • Use: Road
  • Cornering clearance: 37 degrees
  • Axle length: 53mm
  • Shoe compatibility: fits any shoe with 3 or 4-hole attachment
  • Compatibility Cleats: With all standard or easy tension as well as Speedplay V1 and V2
  • Movement range clicked in: 0-15 degrees
  • Pedal plate tension: Easy tension
  • Bearing:
    • Triple Sealed Cartridge
    • Needle bearing


  • Axle: Chromoly
  • Pedal body: Grivory


  • black/grey


  • 232g (manufacturer information)
Weight 0,232 kg

Miles of Comfort and Versatility. Ultra-Light Action.

The exceptional comfort and versatility of the SPEEDPLAY COMP Chromoly double-sided bike pedal derives from its confidence-inspiring and stable platform, offering both value and performance mile after mile for cyclists of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Precise engagement, easy clip-in, effortless release, and dual-sided entry with the Easy Tension Cleat deliver ease of use and confidence to the rider.


Highlights – Wahoo Speedplay Comp Chromoly Pedals

  • Double-sided entry: Dual-sided entry and innovative locking mechanism create the most secure and stable platform available so you can crank with confidence.
  • Freedom of movement: The only pedal system to provide independent fore-aft, left-right, and float adjustability to optimize fit and enhance performance through better biomechanics.
  • Enhanced walkability: A slim profile cleat with a rubberized cover provides a better base and more confidence when walking.
  • Excellent cornering clearance: Pedal through corners with confidence, maintain speed, and leave the field behind.
  • Easy to maintain: All Speedplay pedals have sealed bearings, and increased durability with reinforced contact points. You now spend less time maintaining your pedals, and more time riding.
  • Customize your cleat: Select either the Standard or Easy Tension cleat to deliver a customized clip-in and clip-out experience. Both cleats are compatible across all pedals.


  • Entry on both sides for a firm connection at all times
  • Low overall height for optimal freedom of curves
  • Individual adjustment and freedom of movement for optimal biomechanics
  • Very good running characteristics with minimal cleat wear off the bike
  • Sealed, maintenance-free bearings for low maintenance requirements
  • Optimized pedal body for easier entry and exit
  • Low weight


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