SQlab 6OX Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.1 S-Tube



Features of the SQlab saddle 6OX Infinergy Ergowave Active 2.1 S-Tube

  • unisex
  • width (in cm): 13, 14, 15 & 16
  • range of use: Gravity & Performance
  • length (in mm): 280
  • weight (in g, without elastomer): 268 (width 15, manufacturer information)
  • hardness (in SQ-Shore): 55
  • relief in the perineal area (in %): 72
  • material struts: S-Tube
  • material cover: Interlock
  • material padding: Infinergy
  • active: Sport (adjustable via 2 elastomers)
  • max. load (in kg): 110

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Awarded “Best of 2021” World of MTB

“The saddle is thus the prelude to a large-scale sustainability and innovation process at SQlab” is the verdict of the mountain bike magazine world of mtb.

SQlab 6OX Ergowave Active now “Made in Germany”

The SQlab 6OX Ergowave saddle from the German manufacturer and ergonomics expert has already been available for 2 years. There are interesting changes for the saddle: This is now made in Germany and the BASF Infinergy material is used instead of the familiar PU foam. The new material, which is mainly used in the production of running shoes, is even more robust and brings comfort to a completely new level, especially when riding off-road due to the faster recovery.

From an ecological point of view, the local sourcing of SQlab “Made in Germany” products not only means that the long transport route is eliminated, but also that the manufacturing process is extremely efficient and subject to strict German guidelines for harmful substances.

Best comfort with SQlab active saddle technology

The cover is not pulled over the entire surface of the saddle, as is the case with classic saddles. There are only “tapes” in the important places. These are connected to the Infinergy foam automatically and without glue. The ergonomic saddle shape provides the right relief and comfort: The wave-shaped elevation of the ERGOWAVE stretching from the rear to the front fits perfectly to the mostly bulbous ischial branches. This significantly reduces the pressure in the perineal area or female pubic arch.

The flat, slightly curved saddle nose, which is lower in level, also ensures less pressure on the sensitive areas for both men and women. For even better pressure relief, especially on longer climbs in the terrain, the saddle nose was designed wide, with a flat and as large as possible contact surface.

Thanks to the SQlab active saddle technology, the saddle follows the pedaling movement, comfort increases, the intervertebral discs are mobilized and the pressure on the sit bones is minimized. The prerequisite for maximum performance is a fit that is perfectly adapted to the athlete and therefore the saddle is available in four different sizes.


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