A triathlete isn’t merely a cyclist, and unfortunately, many triathlon bikes have evolved into variations of time trial bikes due to strict UCI regulations. It’s crucial to recognize that a triathlon bike should not be a modified time trial bike, as frequent adjustments are often necessary to accommodate a rider’s unique needs. This trend has hindered significant development in the field of triathlon bikes. The term “accommodation” has become synonymous with bike fitting, where cyclists often seek fitting services after purchasing a bike, expecting a perfect position despite potentially choosing the wrong bike. This poses a challenge for fitters and frustration for cyclists.

The ideal approach is the reverse: a pre-fit, referred to as bike-sizing on this site, should be planned before the bike purchase to ensure cyclists enjoy their rides on a bike that best suits their needs.

While some brands have begun to distance themselves from UCI rules to cater to triathletes, there’s still room for improvement. After the bike-sizing process, triathletes may have options among several triathlon bikes, requiring additional adaptations to fit their coordinates. However, if the fitter has done a good job, the triathlete can confidently order the right frame size with the correct components.

Enter Kú Cycle, a brand pushing the boundaries by taking a significant leap forward. They construct a rider-specific bike for each athlete based on the fitter’s prescription, aiming for the perfect fit between body and machine. The result? The KÚ TF1, a machine that stands out from all other triathlon bikes.

The Kú TF1 stands out for several reasons:

1. Rider-Specific: Each Kú TF1 is tailor-made for a specific athlete, ensuring a personalized fit that considers individual biomechanics and preferences.

2. Built-to-Order: The bike can only be purchased after undergoing a comprehensive pre-fit session conducted by Kú authorized fitters. This ensures that the bike is precisely configured for the rider’s unique specifications.

3. Exceptional Speed: The Kú TF1 is not just fast; it’s exceptionally fast. To understand the engineering behind its speed, watch the short video featuring Richard Mc Ainsh, a Formula 1 engineer.

4. Customizable Paint Scheme: Riders have the opportunity to customize the paint scheme of their Kú TF1, adding a personal touch to their high-performance machine.

In summary, the Kú TF1 redefines the concept of a triathlon bike by offering a truly personalized, high-speed experience tailored to the unique characteristics of each athlete.

These points provide a glimpse into the distinctive features of Kú Cycle and their TF1. For a more in-depth exploration of this revolutionary bike, I encourage you to visit their website. Prepare to be amazed and enjoy the journey into the future of cycling.