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This is not an online store as you are used to from big discounters. You have landed on the site of a passionate bike fitter who offers you products that he uses on a daily basis for the comfort and performance of his customers. Your orders are treated with as much care and professional conscience as I bring to my sessions.

Foot-Pedal Interface Items

The foot-pedal interface is the foot-shoe-pedal assembly. It is via this interface that you make your bike move forward! Knowing that the position of the foot on the pedal varies little and considering how many times you push the pedals in one hour (pedaling frequency x 60), this small contact zone determines comfort and performance.

If you’ve entrusted me with your fit and experienced the benefits of foot-pedal interface items in improving your efficiency and comfort, you understand their power. Should you need more or wish to explore new options, you’re welcome to order them below.

What you will find here:


Leg Length Shims

Wahoo Speedplay Extender Plates

Cleat Screws

Pedal Spacers

Offroad Shoe Cleats

Road Shoe Cleats

Wahoo Speedplay Pedals

Cleat Tools

Currex BikePro Footbeds

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