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The Role of Lake Shoes in My Services:

For a long time, I hesitated to offer shoes alongside bike fittings, mistakenly thinking that my clients might not be interested in additional expenses beyond the fit. However, the positive feedback and experiences with Lake shoes have shown me that I should not have waited so long.

In cycling, it’s ultimately our feet that propel us forward. While this is true for many sports, what sets cycling apart is that the support is identical for each pedal stroke. If this support is inadequate, it can lead to issues in performance and posture, such as discomfort, pain, compensations, microtraumas, and ineffectiveness.

With a renewed focus on my cyclists’ feet, I’ve become aware of the numerous incompatibilities between their feet and their choice of shoes. I couldn’t accept this factor limiting the efficiency of my work, so I sought a partner and am pleased to have found one in Lake Cycling.

If you’re interested in my advice to find the right model from their range, feel free to schedule an appointment for dedicated time for you and your feet. This service is free and without obligation. If you purchase a model I have in stock, I recommend coming with your bike. I prefer adjusting your cleats myself and dynamically verifying the correctness of this adjustment.

For the perfect finishing touch, consider custum footbeds! The Custom Bike Pro insoles cost 159 €, and the stiffer Custom Bike Pro Ultra insoles cost 209 € if made in a stand-alone appointment. Alternatively, they cost 106 € and 159 €, respectively, if made at the same session as your fitting or with the purchase of Lake shoes on the spot. Click on the picture to read more about the importance of custom footbeds.