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This is not an online store as you are used to from big discounters. You have landed on the site of a passionate bike fitter who offers you products that he uses on a daily basis for the comfort and performance of his customers. Your orders are treated with as much care and professional conscience as I bring to my sessions.

Contact Point Pelvis – Tri/TT

The contact point between the pelvis and the saddle is one of the most crucial aspects of cycling comfort and performance. This interface directly affects your posture, stability, and power transfer while riding. Achieving the optimal position and support at this contact point is essential for preventing discomfort, minimizing the risk of injuries, and maximizing your efficiency on the bike. Whether you’re a recreational rider or a competitive athlete, understanding and fine-tuning this connection can significantly enhance your cycling experience

Brands I work with:

You will not find all the models I work with in this webshop yet. However, you are welcome to schedule a standalone dynamic saddle test session if you’d like to try them.





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