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Three different fitting formulas are offered to adapt her/his session to her/his needs. I warmly welcome you to explore further below for more details and explanations.

You are seeking comfort. Pressure measurements on the saddle can pinpoint areas of excessive pressure, helping identify potential causes. During the session, adjustments to your bike’s setup will aim to reduce harmful pressure in the subpubic area, moving support to less harmful bone structures.

If better performance is your goal, the procedure remains the same. Discomfort can lead to premature fatigue, impacting performance. Regardless of your practice, morphology, or ambitions, the objective is to find the optimal balance between performance and comfort.

If prevention is a priority and you want to avoid position-related overload issues, the combination of video analysis and pressure measurement on the saddle is valuable.

For those seeking postural optimization due to orthopedic or neurological reasons, the Ortho formula is recommended.

The Ortho formula includes:

The Basic formula mirrors the Ortho formula but excludes saddle pressure measurement. It is designed for cyclists without orthopedic issues or saddle-related discomfort or pain. This formula is suitable for those less stringent about precision in positioning but still prioritize avoiding health issues resulting from a poor fit. However, it may be less effective in addressing urinary or genital system pathologies caused or exacerbated by saddle pressure.

If your decision for a fit lacks orthopedic or neurological reasons and you are satisfied with your saddle, the Basic formula is recommended.

The Basic formula includes:

Difference from the Ortho formula:

Excludes pressure mapping on the saddle to visualize pressure distribution and pelvic stability on the saddle.

The Express formula is designed for time-conscious cyclists with a streamlined two-hour session duration. Tailored for both mountain and road bikes without aerobars, this formula prioritizes efficiency while maintaining individuality. Here are the key features:

The Express formula includes:



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