FORM® Leg length shims – MTB walkable V2 (kit)




Leg length shims are used to increase the effective leg length of a shorter leg in cases where a cyclist suffers from a leg length discrepancy. Signs of a discrepancy can be:

a) overreaching on one side at the bottom of the pedal stroke
b) pelvis tilted or rider leaning to one side of the saddle to retain connection with the pedals
c) one leg feeling under-extended whilst the other feels just right

Assuming a rider has been assessed to have a discrepancy, the issues above could be solved with the use of leg length shims. Shimming will create a more equal leg extension, stabilise the pelvis and lead to a smoother and more controlled pedal stroke.

* The V2 shim is compatible with all MTB style cleats, including SPD, Time ATAC, Crank Bros and Look X-Track.

KIT INCLUDES: 3 mm main body / cleat plate / 2 mm stacker / 1 mm stacker / screws

FORM’s patent-pending MTB shims are the only “walkable” SPD shim on the market, and were developed specifically to overcome the issues inherent in traditional MTB shim designs, those being;

– a difficulty when walking or clipping in
– a wobbly and unstable connection to the pedals

FORM’s product solves these issues by using:

– 2 parallel tread areas to protect the cleat and add clipped in stability
– chamfered front feet which facilitate easy cleat engagement
– two sets of posts/tabs which protrude into the shoe to resist rotation

These shims are ideal for gravel, cyclocross or cross country MTB riding where a relatively high amount of time is spent in seated pedaling, and are best suited to traditional stiff MTB shoes.


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